PTSD & Trauma

PTSD and Trauma are at the tip of the spear of the spiritual and mental health crisis in our world today. There is a myriad of treatment options for PTSD and trauma to include behavioral health (EMDR, PE, CBT, Virtual Reality) and prescription (SSRI drugs). These treatments alone, while beneficial when appropriate, do not address the damage done to the soul. It is our belief that PTSD is primarily a wound of the soul, not just the mind or body alone. In order to successfully treat PTSD and its symptoms, it is necessary to include ritual, soul care and exposure to nature in the treatment process. That is why Holistic Spiritual Care for PTSD & Trauma is so important.  When PTSD and Trauma negatively impact your life, we take time to explore the symptoms and root causes behind PTSD and Trauma as well as exploring Holistic Spiritual Care options. Exploring Holistic Spiritual Care treatment options along with the symptoms and root causes help you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, your relationships and the circumstances and triggers that bring up the wounds of PTSD and trauma inside of you. The DOD (Department of Defense) recognizes that spiritual treatment is on the cutting edge of care for PTSD & Trauma. We believe holistic spiritual care is the missing link to effective care. This is why we advocate for Holistic Spiritual Care in harmony with behavioral health methods (EMDR, PE, CBT, VR)  & general practice treatment options (SSRI Rx) in a combined triad approach to care as appropriate. Read some of the supporting scholarly journal articles on the effects of Spiritual Care here:

 Influence of Spirituality on Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Suicidality in Active Duty Military Personnel. 

Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care and Moral Injury: Considerations Regarding Screening and Treatment, 

Spiritually Integrated Cognitive Processing Therapy: A New Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder That Targets Moral Injury  

We hope these articles help show you just how effective treating PTSD & Trauma through a Holistic approach at the Soul level can be. We are excited about what these breakthroughs mean for your care.  Let's work together towards healing, hope and a deeper understanding of your Trauma and PTSD together!