Marital Issues

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Pre-Marital, Marriage and Divorce Care are necessary in today's world. The divorce rate is staggering and the 2nd and 3rd order effects of marriage and divorce are truly life-changing. If you are considering marriage, are already married or divorced, the challenges brought your way are real and need to be addressed. To be successful in any marriage it takes grit, commitment and two willing participants who will wade through the fires of their lives and marriage together. To overcome the wounds of divorce it takes intentional fortitude along with grace to face the pain and loss that occurred as a result. Whether you are just beginning the journey and want to lay a firm foundation or you want to work on your marriage where it is at today; we are here to explore who you are individually and as a couple to help you reach your martial and relational goals. We do this through results-driven counseling as well as exploring Holistic Spiritual Care options to grow, bond and heal together. We tailor Holistic Spiritual Care methods to you and your partner using ritual, soul care, and nature that can bring added breakthrough and healing to any couple or divorcee.  Please note, while we are happy to help you work through your issues, your immediate safety is paramount. If your safety is at risk and you need immediate help, please contact the appropriate authorities by dialing 9-1-1 or going here.  Let's work together towards healing, hope and a deeper understanding of your marital concerns together!