Methods of Counseling

Choose the Style that Fits YOU

We are not your typical counseling service.


We've adjusted our AZIMUTH to keep pace with the demands of the fast-paced modern world we live in. As such, we specialize in Telehealth services that are HIPPA compliant. (Online video and telephone counseling sessions), making it easier for you to access us and fit the counseling you need into your schedule. This helps us keep our costs down so that we can offer you competitive rates and allows you to enjoy your Telehealth appointments, around your schedule, even in your pajamas or on your couch! 


A win-win.


Besides offering Telehealth services, we offer other methods that get you outside of a Telehealth or office environment.


We believe healing at the deepest levels incorporates nature and ritual. 

When appropriate, we are happy to schedule Walk and Talk Sessions* that incorporate nature and ritual into your treatment plan such as a nearby park or hiking trail. 


Additionally, and when appropriate, we are happy to offer Marketplace Meetups* at select venues such as Coffee Shops, Cigar Lounges**, Wine Lounges**, etc. that help meets the needs of your upcoming appointment, your busy schedule and fit within the appropriate scope of Holistic Christian Counseling. 


Finally, and with treatment plan approval**, we are happy to offer Fireside Focus* at select venues, such as parks or private land. This is an evening specific, firepit event that lasts upto 4 hours. It includes a Bring Your Own Beverage atmosphere that can be tailored as appropriate. We supply firepit, wood and counseling services. This is a relaxed but focused evening around a fire. Perfect for couples counseling or a deep dive into more serious issues.


*Additional Fees, Mileage and Fuel Costs May Apply, Weather Contingent*

**Must meet Treatment Plan Approval, Appropriate Consumption Limitations Apply** 

(I.E. if you struggle with alcoholism, we will not approve meeting you at a Wine Lounge)


Everyone's treatment plans, personalities, preferences, and schedules are different. We offer several different services to find your AZIMUTH.


Let's Find Your AZIMUTH Today!


Initial Intake

This is our very first appointment. It is a Results Driven, Holisitic Christian Counseling session that covers your history, why you are here, and what you hope to accomplish in our future sessions. It is primarily done through Telehealth Appointments that are HIPPA compliant. 


Fireside Focus

An event specific, treatment plan approved event. Lasts up to 4 hours and is designed to be a focused yet, relaxed environment where couples or individuals can really perform a surgical deep dive into their issues.

Smiling Man on Laptop

Telehealth Counseling

Results Driven, Holisitic Christian Counseling through Video or Phone Appointments that are HIPPA compliant Finally a counseling solution that works around your schedule, day or night!

Couple Hiking Outdoor

Walk & Talk

We believe results driven christian counseling is holistic at its roots. Because of this, with treatment plan approval, we offer walk and talk sessions that incorporate the healing effects of nature and ritual into the treatment process.

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Marketplace Meetup

Results Driven Holisitic Christian Counseling that steps outside of TeleHealth or the Office and into a Treatment Plan approved venue of your choice.