Less Knowledge, More Encounter

Can you imagine being married and going your entire marriage only talking about intimacy and never experiencing it? Never a kiss or a hug, never a hand to hold, or a warm embrace. A life and marriage void of experiential love but full of words; roommates at best, this kind of relationship is a shell of what a full vibrant marriage and relationship are meant to be. We all want the richness and fullness of love and intimacy, not in words alone but through encounter. God offers his church- his bride, a rich vibrant intimacy that is real, thrilling and vibrant, yet too often we go our whole lives as spectators in pews, living an intellectual faith that is void of experience and encounter. God is calling us all to encounter him afresh and anew. We don't need more knowledge we need more encounter. He wants to be first place in all our lives. He is not a respecter of persons or a liar. If we seek him with all our heart, mind, and strength we will encounter him and he will fill us with his love and his fire that leaves us breathless, forever changed, and yearning for more.

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