Say Again, Over.

Good coms are essential in every firefight, emergency, and crisis. Without them, in many situations, your ability to successfully overcome the existing threat is in jeopardy.

Sometimes the storms of life get in the way of being able to listen and clearly communicate with your loved ones. Good coms are in jeopardy. This is why Jesus separated from the crowds so often in order to get good coms with the Father. (Lk 5:16) He knew he wasn't going to be as effective if his soul (mind, will, emotions) was running on empty. He needed to give his burdens and cares- the crisis of his soul, to the Father so he could receive internal peace again and go back to ministering to, caring for and communicating hope and love effectively to the crowds.

Other times communication is about updating our tech. In the early part of the 20th century telephones were wall mounted, and you connected to an operator to patch you through to the person you wanted to talk to. You needed an operator to help you connect with the right person and ensure your connection was good, so you could then have a clean, clear, understandable conversation.

In today's high tech, fast paced world the days of operator connected communication is predominately a thing for the annals of history. The "iPhone age" has produced an ease and reliability that communicating with anyone, from almost anywhere on the planet is as easy as taping on a name in your contacts or favorites menu on your phone.

The phone conversations of the early 20th century, were nothing in scope of clarity and accessibility as the conversations of the 21st century are. Sometime we have to ask ourselves what am I communicating, and how am I communicating it? Is the message I intend to communicate coming in crystal clear or do I sound static and broken? Do I need help from an operator ? or am I enjoying free calling in the 21st century because I am using the same network provider and have a strong signal when communicating?

Whether it's a tech upgrade or the storms of life inviting the Lord into the heart of our trials and circumstances can bring unexpected and much welcomed peace. God speaks to us about this in the 23rd Psalm. King David writes: "He makes me to lay down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul" He is saying, God allows the circumstances in our lives to drive us to the green pastures, where there is rest and peace in the presence of the Lord. This is beautiful news! We don't have to walk the valley of trial and tribulation alone. Nor were we created to do so! The Lord is allowing the pressure to be ramped up so it will drive us to Him. He wants to comfort us! Imagine how the clarity of our coms with those we love will improve once our soul (signal strength) has been in the green pastures of the Lord being restored. Taking time to get alone with God so he can restore your soul is a priceless daily rhythm we all need to build into our lives. As we do this, we will see the signal strength of our souls improve and our ability to effectively, graciously and lovingly communicate with one another greatly improve.

No matter where you find yourself today, while it is still called "today", Ask the Lord to help you build the rhythm of rest into your life. Get out a calendar and find that white space, I promise you its there!

If you need some help getting started here's an example of my "Rest Calendar":

Daily: Morning- Noon-Evening (5-10 mins of reading the psalms and closing prayer from the heart)

Weekly: Incorporate a weekly ritual. Mine is a glass of bourbon, a cigar and a journal. If weather permits and it's in the cooler months, I incorporate a firepit as well.

Monthly: On a day off, 2-3 hours on a hiking trail decompressing and learning to speak to and hear from God. Practice voicing a thankful heart as well as sharing concerns

Quarterly: Schedule a weekend retreat away, just you and God. While I'm not Catholic, I greatly enjoy monasteries and have visited several. My favorite in the lower 48 is the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Kentucky.

Annually: Get together with Good friends. Your closest ones. Rent a cabin in the Mountains for a week and have your families come together to enjoy, celebrate and love on one another. This kind of fellowship is desperately needed today and so hard to come by. To those who say I don't have time, or I have to go see my in-laws over the holidays, It's worth upsetting the in-laws to build this kind of routine in your vacation calendar. It will pay dividends on the backend, even with them.

Dear reader, I hope the above calendar helps get you started to rest and improved signal strength but most of all a deeper walk with God. He's ready to speak into the depths of your soul, in ways only he can. Take the time to get alone with him and invite him to lead you beside the still waters as he restores your soul.

Till Next Time, Thanks For Reading.


Azimuth Christian Counseling LLC

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