Counseling is an investment in yourself and can change your life for years to come.  




Initial Intake: $120 per session (50-60 mins)

Follow Up:     $100 per session (50-60 mins)

                      $160 per session (90 mins)

No show or cancellation within 24 hours: $95 fee





Initial Intake: $150 per session (50-60 mins)

Follow Up:     $120 per session (50-60 mins)

                      $180 per session (90 mins)

No show or cancellation within 24 hours: $95 fee



Text Messaging:


Azimuth Christian Counseling is proud to offer cutting edge care via HIPPA compliant text messaging services. Many of our clients find this to be a useful tool in answering questions or working through an additional problem that has arisen between sessions. Some of our clients use this service in addition to, or in lieu of, their normal telehealth or in-person sessions. Please be advised that Azimuth Christian Counseling bills in 15-minute increments for this service at the rates posted above. The only exception to this is direct messaging concerning scheduling and appointments. While our counselors and staff pride themselves in exceptional response times we cannot predict our immediate availability. As such, we kindly ask that you allow up to 90 mins for a response. If the situation is of an emergent nature, please call 911 and/or go to your nearest emergency room. 


Retainer Services: 



We offer retainer services to individuals and our verified partner members who wish to purchase sessions in bulk for themselves, their staff or employees. These sessions are redeemable at any time and include a 15% discount and logo/brand/organization/ministry advertising on our Partnership page. Minimum of 5 sessions required. If you want to see if your business, ministry or church is a partner or you are interested in becoming one, go here.






Because we believe in our mission to the Warfighter and Veteran communities, our posted rates reflect a 40% discount for our services; making access to care extremely competitive and comprehensive for military, veterans, first responders, teachers and their immediate families. For some income based scenarios, we do offer payment plans.






Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, most major credit cards, and most Health Savings Account (HSA) debit or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.


If you have any questions, contact us directly.



About Insurance


We are not an in-network provider for any insurance company. However, some insurance companies will consider us an out-of-network provider and may cover a portion of our work together. We can give you a receipt which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Please consult with your insurance provider if you are considering reimbursement—we cannot guarantee anything on behalf of your carrier.

There are several advantages to paying privately:

1. You have the freedom to choose your counselor and the type of care you receive.
When you are paying privately, you have the autonomy to choose the best counselor suited for your needs rather than the insurance company limiting who you can see. You also have flexibility in the type of counseling, who to include in the session, and the length of services.

2. You or your child will not be labeled with a mental health diagnosis. 
You must be diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis in order for your therapy to be covered by insurance which can affect future coverage.  Not all people who seek counseling necessarily have a mental health diagnosis.  Often, individuals are experiencing normal reactions to stressful or challenging life situations and need support with that process.

3. You will have complete confidentiality. 
Your records will not be shared with anyone without your permission.  In fact, no one else will know you are in counseling unless you tell them

4. You will be able to stay with your counselor in person, or through Telehealth (video/phone) services even if you move or your insurance plan coverage changes.


Is It Worth It?


You may be asking yourself, 'Is this all worth the price?'  Many of those who have come to us for counseling would answer that question with a yes.  You can read some of their testimonials here.

You can't you put a price on the spiritual and emotional benefits that often result from investing in counseling. We often invest our time, money, and other valuable resources in temporary and worldly pursuits that don't change the course of our lives.

We challenge you to consider...

Average prices for some local professional services:

  • 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage = $100-$200

  • 90 minute Couples Massage = $175-$250

  • Attorney Fees = $250-$1000+ per hour

Average prices for some local entertainment experiences:

  • Dinner Out For Four: entrees + four drinks + app/dessert+tip= $125-$150+

  • Amusement Park: entrance + rides + arcade + refreshments for family of four = $400-$600+

  • Professional Sports:  game day tickets + refreshments for family of four = $150-$300+

  • Two concert tickets = $125-$200+

Some costs of NOT seeking help... 

  • Average Fiscal Cost of Divorce in the United States: $20,000+

  • Medical Bills From Stress-Related Diseases: $1500+

  • Decreased Productivity at Work: Loss of Job/Promotion $$$$$+

  • Relational Problems or Disaster: Divorce, Child Support, Alimony $$$$$+

  • Imprisoned Living Through Weakened Mindset and/or Victim Mentality: Priceless

  • Decreased Happiness, Purpose and Contentment with Life: Priceless


Take the first step! Invest in yourself today!