Soul Care

One light candle burning brightly in the

Soul Care is originally a monastic concept where men would teach others the deep mysteries of God as well as draw away from their communities and seclude themselves in solitude.” A classical definition of Soul Care comes from The Popular Encyclopedia of Christian Counseling[1] which states: “The definition of Soul Care is vast and varied. The word soul is translated from the Greek word "psuche", meaning “the breath, breath of life”. The Latin words for the care of souls are "cura" "animarum". "Cura" means the “care of” or “cure for,” and "animarum" means “breath, breeze, air, wind.” Soul care then, according to the strictest sense of the words, involves literally caring for and curing the very breath that gives us life. It is tending to the deepest needs of the soul. The Bible is filled with examples of soul care ministry (Ex. 3:16, 1 Sam. 3:9, 2 Sam. 12:7, Mt. 14:13, Mk. 1:35, Gal. 6:2, Js. 5:16). Care is defined as anything that brings deep measured peace to the Soul. This might include physically working through intense trauma and emotions of pain, loss, grief, remorse, guilt, etc. in a structured way that releases built-up trauma of the Soul. This might be done through physically expressing this trauma through all the human faculties including emotion, will, mind, and body, to expel the wound(s) from the Soul. This is why Azimuth Christian Counseling believes in Holistic Spiritual Care that includes ritual and nature. If you are wanting to unpack and deal with some of the deepest wounds of your soul you've found the right Azimuth. Schedule Your Intake Appointment Today 



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