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Everyone goes through different phases and seasons of life. Stress will be apart of those seasons of life. As such, stress can be a "combat multiplier" or a serious detractor. Regardless of how stress is affecting you right now, you aren't alone. Everyone has stress in their lives and learning how to manage it successfully takes time. As we explore your concerns, we will examine root issues as well as symptoms and triggers in your life concerning stress. We want to help you turn stress into an ally and "combat multiplier" so that you are able to harness its power for good and use it to conquer and overcome the trials in your life. Family, relationships, kids, parents, bills, traffic, that certain co-worker, your boss; they don't have to be the overwhelming load that breaks your back or keeps you "combat ineffective". Azimuth Christian Counseling is here for you, your family and your loved ones no matter what stressful situations you find yourself in. Let's explore the circumstances and issues surrounding your stress together!  Don't wait! Let's get started today!