We are honored to have worked with a variety of clients around the globe. Here are some of their testimonials:

Azimuth Christian Counseling provides one-on-one care that goes beyond typical counseling sessions. They go the distance to ensure that my expectations are met, my issues are heard, and addressed with the utmost respect and compassion.  

             - Julie, Vermont 


The Marketplace Meet-Up, Fireside Focus, and Walk & Talk counseling options were unique enough to make my family want to give counseling a try. If you are thinking of signing up for these unique services you won’t be disappointed!  

           - SSGT Kluge, US Army 


Rev. Stephens helped walk me through a time of crisis and turmoil in my own life and marriage. I am thankful for his dedication and devotion to a Christ-centered approach to life and ministry. If you are thinking of choosing Azimuth Christian Counseling as your provider of choice, you won’t be disappointed. 

            – Brittany, Ohio


Chaplain Stephens provides the utmost excellence in spiritual care to the Warfighter. He was there for me in my darkest hour and I know he will be there for you when you need him most.  

             - CPT Turnbow, US Army 


Chaplain Stephens is fully equipped and willing to counsel people through difficulties. His life and career experiences have shaped his heart toward deep compassion and biblical insight. He has been an invaluable blessing to me through some of the most difficult years of my life.

             – Keegan, Florida


I deployed with Chaplain Stephens and know first hand that he is willing to lay it all on the line for his country, as well as those in his care. I cannot think of a finer individual to entrust with the problems and issues in your life. 

             – CPT Scott, US Army 


Chaplain Stephens went the extra mile to personally visit me to ensure I had the spiritual care I needed during an extremely challenging medical treatment process. If you want someone who will be there for you in your darkest day you can rely on Azimuth Christian Counseling. 

             - Janice, Florida


Rev. Stephens is masterful at his work. He invests his heart and soul into what he does. If you are thinking about booking Azimuth Christian Counseling, do it today, you won’t regret it. 

           – Charles, Kentucky 


I knew Chaplain Stephens in the Army when he arrived to the unit that was devastated by the Fort Hood Shooting in April of 2014. He took over as the Battalion Chaplain. His empathy and dedication was, and is, what separates himself from other Chaplains. After I retired from the Army, I kept in touch with Rev. Stephens and when I am in those negative moments, I can call him at any time or text message and I get a response. The Veteran Affairs system doesn’t answer when I need them most.  I wish the VA would take on his philosophy and approach to care.

         - Anonymous (Ret), U.S. Army


I did multiple tours in Iraq and lost my faith.  I have been going to the VA Hospital for years. I tried their treatment methods, which include lots of pills. The side effects and symptoms would get worse, so I quit taking pills. When nothing changed I’d go back on the pills. It was a wash, rinse, repeat cycle over and over again. Doing walk and talks with Rev. Stephens is life changing. I have found my faith and am slowly regaining a sense of self. 

            - SFC Wink (Ret), U.S. Army