Holistic Care For The Warfighter, Veteran & Their Family

Azimuth Christian Counseling is 100% invested in care to the Warfighter and Veteran community. We are intent on changing how the Chain of Command and the DOD cares for the Warfighter with a Combat-Related PTSD diagnosis. From diagnosis, to discharge and beyond, we believe there is a better way to help those suffering from PTSD & Combat Trauma. It is our mission to provide the best care to the Warfighter, Combat Veteran and their families. Our ultimate aim is to drive down the 22-A-Day suicide rate and change the treatment philosophy and practices that do more harm than good that are currently being implemented across the board. Our research is focused on Spartan, Roman, Samurai and Biblical Warrior cultures and communities. We implement the ancient paths these cultures used through nature and ritual to bring about results-driven healing in our practice. 

What is Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral counseling integrates the insights of Christian spirituality with counseling skill and theory. Our pastoral counselors are either: ordained clergy who have doctoral or graduate level training in pastoral care and are board certified by a national organization in pastoral counseling—or—state licensed counselors who have graduate training in counseling but also additional training in theology and psychospiritual integration. Pastoral counseling is a unique form of counseling because practitioners are uniquely equipped to assist the healing of the whole person—spirit, soul, and body. Our counselors may suggest prayer, study of scripture, spiritual disciplines, books, and other resources to facilitate growth inside and outside counseling sessions.

All of our pastoral counselors are educated at the Doctoral or Masters level and have formal theological training in addition to their skills in counseling. We seek to help people regardless of their faith, background, or beliefs, but our approach is deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of Christian spirituality. Learn more about our beliefs by viewing our Statement of Faith.

Distictly Christian

A Christian counselor is not just a counselor who is a Christian. Rather, it means a trained counselor who practices from a Christian worldview in their approach. Our providers are Board Certified Pastoral Counselors which means they have formal theological training at the Doctoral or Masters level in addition to their counseling expertise in various spiritual, emotional, and relational issues. Our state-licensed providers are trained at the Doctoral or Masters Level and practice in accordance with state mandates and guidelines in their field of expertise.

What if I'm not a Christian?


Therapy has a bad reputation of being a long drawn-out process where much is discussed and little is achieved. An effective counselor has the specialized skillsets to guide you through to ownership of your transformation. We are dedicated to providing as many tools and strategies for your growth, healing and redemption as possible. Our goal is to help you find your azmiuth as you crush barriers, heal your soul and transform into who God created you to be. 


We are a small practice and purposely choose to work with a smaller client base. Because of this, you will not need to worry about being double-booked or constantly fighting our schedule to get an appointment. We do not have a waiting list. We take our spiritual and counseling expertise, as well as the lessons learned on the battlefield and apply them directly to you. You are more than a number and we don't leave the wounded behind. We are fully dedicated to helping you live a victorious life.